Fight the Nian 金羽毛世界获奖绘本-斗年兽

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Language: Simplified
Paperback/Hardcover: Hardcover
Page: 28
Aurthor: 刘嘉路 改写(俄罗斯)欧尼可夫
Publisher: 海燕出版社
Fight the Nian 金羽毛世界获奖绘本-斗年兽

Nian is monster. Its head looks like dragon and its body looks like crocodile. It lives at the bottom of the sea. The Nian wakes up every 12th full moon of each year. When it gets on the land, it will eat every creature it sees. People will find way to hide and scare the Nian away. Every year, after the Nian is gone, the New year arrives. This is a fun, colorful picture book for young readers.