Horrible Science: Bloomin' Rainforests 可怕的科学自然探秘系列-雨林深处

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Language: Simplified
Paperback/Hardcover: Paperback
Page: 121
Aurthor: Anita Ganeri
Publisher: 北京少年儿童出版社
Horrible Science: Bloomin' Rainforests 可怕的科学自然探秘系列-雨林深处

This set of 10 science books is full of nature secrets and wonders. They also contain geography with the gritty bits left in! Enter the exotic world of lush and steamy rainforests in Bloomin' Rainforests, where squiggly poisonous spiders scrabble up deadly stinky trees! Discover where in the world you can hide from vicious vampire bats, spot spiders the size of dinner plates and peer down the tallest trees in the planet. Are you ready to explore the world's jungliest jungles and climb their tallest trees, smell their stinkiest plants and meet their hairiest insects?