Mandy and Pandy Days, " Ni Hao Ma?" 曼迪和潘迪-曼迪和潘迪說“你好嗎?”

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Language: Simplified/English
Pinyin/Zhuyin: Pinyin
Paperback/Hardcover: Hardcover
Page: 16
Aurthor: Chris Lin, Ingrid Villalta
Publisher: Mandy and Pandy, Co.
Mandy and Pandy Say, "Ni Hao Ma?" 曼迪和潘迪-曼迪和潘迪说, 你好吗?

Teach your kids Chinese in a fun and easy way as you and your child listen to and read this stimulating story about Mandy and Pandy playing together. This book includes an audio CD with native English and Chinese (simplified Mandarin) narration.