Whole Language Reading (4) 我愛爸爸媽媽《全套10冊》

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Language: Traditional
Pinyin/Zhuyin: Zhuyin
Paperback/Hardcover: Paperback
Page: 32
Aurthor: 袁妙霞
Publisher: 幼福文化
Whole Language Reading (4) 我愛爸爸媽媽《全套10冊》

Whole Language Reading is a great start for all toddlers to learn a language. Reading is not just to recognize each word, but to be able to comprehend and understand the meaning and theme of the whole story. This set of readers is designed to help young children learn to read. Encourage them to think! The text is designed to be easy to read; with repetitive words and sentence structures to help the children to learn to read easily and quickly. This is a set of 10 titles in Traditional Chinese. Each titles has about eight pages of simple sentences with vivid pictures. There are exercises and a quiz for teacher and students to do together.