(Avalon: Web of Magic) 阿瓦隆魔网2

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Language: Simplified
Paperback/Hardcover: Paperback
Page: 248
Aurthor: Rachel Roberts
Publisher: 浙江少年儿童出版社
All That Glitters (Avalon: Web of Magic)	阿瓦隆魔网1-魔力女孩与魔法宝石

 Avalon: Web of Magic is a series of children's fantasy novels by the American author Rachel Roberts. Emily Fletcher, Adriane Charday, and Kara Davies, three very different girls-turned-mages (mages are "magic users"), band together to protect and find Avalon, the source of all magic. Emily and Adriane have one thing that Kara doesn't—a magic gem. But when Kara finally finds a magic stone of her own—a diamond unicorn horn—it brings more trouble than anyone can handle.