About Us

Chinese Books for Children was founded in 2010 by two ladies who were interested in Chinese language education. They saw a need for more interesting books for children to read, and also wanted to make better materials available to teachers. They immediately decided to start importing children’s books from China and Taiwan, and Chinese Books for Children began. Their passion for books and education fueled this project.

Our traditional and simplified Chinese books are now available directly through our website. We also work with Chinese immersion schools, bilingual schools, and language departments to supply textbooks, classroom library books, and independent reading books. We work with schools to provide book fairs for fundraising as well.

Through our work with educators from all of the United States, we have learned about the needs and wants of both teachers and students, and our book selection has broadened. We now carry most everything that will fit the needs of Chinese language educators and learners. As Chinese is becoming more and more popular, we are here to make reading and learning fun!