Chinese Made Easy2 Workbook Simplified 轻松学汉语(简体)练习册2

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Language: Simplified
Pinyin/Zhuyin: Pinyin
Paperback/Hardcover: Paperback
Aurthor: Yamin Ma, Xinying Li
Publisher: Joint Publishing HK
Chinese Made Easy2 Workbook Simplified 轻松学汉语(简体)练习册2

The Chinese Made Easy series, which starts at the beginner’s level, is designed for middle school and high school or grades 7-12 students. This series contains 5 volumes, one school year a volume and each volume made up of a textbook (incl. CDs), a workbook and a teacher’s book. Both simplified and traditional characters editions are available. 
This course features task-based learning approach coupled with a focus on form and function. After completing this series, learners will acquire a vocabulary of approximately 1,700 Chinese characters and will be able to successfully pass the GCSE/IGCSE/A-Level Mandarin Chinese Exams (UK), SAT II / AP-Chinese Examinations (USA), IB Chinese Exam, Australian Chinese exams, HSK (Mainland China).