Horrible Science: Freaky Peaks 可怕的科学自然探秘系列-绝顶探险

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Language: Simplified
Paperback/Hardcover: Paperback
Page: 122
Aurthor: Anita Ganeri
Publisher: 北京少年儿童出版社
Horrible Science: Freaky Peaks 可怕的科学自然探秘系列-绝顶探险

This set of 10 science books is full of nature secrets and wonders. They also contain geography with the gritty bits left in! Freaky Peaks takes you on a thrilling mountain tour from Everest to Kilimanjaro. Read about the intrepid explorers who conquered the world's highest mountains and try to spot the mysterious Yeti. Discover how mountains are formed and follow a giant glacier as it carves out a path down a mountain. It's earth-shatteringly exciting!

《可怕的科学》与霍金《果壳中的宇宙》同获英国安万特科学图书奖。全套丛书涉及科学、数学、地理、人文、历史等各个领域,立足于20世纪末科学的最新发展和成果,以独特的视角,大胆的想像、惊心动魄的实验,阐述全面、权威的科学知识及科技史话,谈笑间将艰深的科学知识“轻松”展现于读者面前。 《可怕的科学•自然探秘系列:绝顶探险》三度荣获国际科普图书最高奖——安万特青少年奖!全球热销千万册版权销售至25个国家和地区!《可怕的科学》的一系列内容和形式的运作使青少年读者不由自主地喜欢它们,在快乐中学习,丝毫没有记忆知识的枯燥,反而成为一种愉快的游戏。